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harry potter kink meme round two

harry potter kink meme round two 

1. All characters must be at least of consensual age (sixteen!) in order to be written.
2. All genres are welcome! Slash, Het, Femmeslash, Angst, Romance, Humor, ANYTHING. Just make sure it fits the prompt! :)
3. No "seconding" prompts! It doesn't help get anything written, so just write it yourself!
4. When writing a repsonse to a prompt, your MINIMUM is 150 words!
5. I know the last kink meme I hosted was anonymous only, but this round I want it to be more open. Anon is perfectly fine, but optional! No need to hide or any such thing if you don't want to.

How this is gonna go down:
a) You post a [pairing/character, kink, speshul prompt, or whatever]
b) Someone finds your prompt and likes it. then they write it and post it here, as a reply to your initial prompt comment!
c) Each prompt gets its own comment. [ie, don't post a comment with 2845734289573204 prompts in it, because then it becomes difficult to post written prompts back! Feel free to post as many prompts as you want, just also try to help out and write a few!
d) All kinks are welcome! All kinks are perfectly acceptable, and NO ONE will hate on ANYONE ELSE'S KINK. [or you will be prosecuted] Kinks can range from weak ["Ron/Hermione, frottage, cuddling"] to the extreme ["Ron/Lupin, bloodplay, kitchentable!sex, violence"] 

Let's get this party started! :)

Tags: fandom: harry potter, kink meme
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